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Margaret BRANDER (1779 - )
Margaret BRANDER
b. 14 Oct 1779 at St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray, Scotland
m. 06 Aug 1817 James GATHERER (1797 - 1850) at Elgin, Moray, Scotland
Events in Margaret BRANDER (1779 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
14 Oct 1779 Margaret BRANDER was born St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray, Scotland Note 1 113
16 Oct 1779 Baptism St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray, Scotland 113
1794 15 Death of father John BRANDER Elgin, Moray, Scotland Stone 0632
06 Aug 1817 37 Married James GATHERER (aged 19) Elgin, Moray, Scotland Note 2 114
1819 40 Birth of son John GATHERER Elgin, Moray, Scotland
1821 42 Death of mother Emilia DICK Elgin, Moray, Scotland Stone 0632
1824 45 Birth of daughter Mary Dunbar GATHERER Speymouth, Moray, Scotland
1850 71 Death of husband James GATHERER (aged 53) Lossiemouth, Moray, Scotland Officer of Customs Lossiemouth 140
1864 85 Death of daughter Mary Dunbar GATHERER (aged 40)
1899 120 Death of son John GATHERER (aged 80) Elgin, Moray, Scotland
Note 1: This may or may not be the correct birth record for Margaret Brander. There are two more records that could fit the timeline. Born 2 August 1786 to John Brander and Elizabeth Taylor and 21 Nov 1778 to Andrew Brander and Margaret Dick both from St Andrews-Lhanbryde.
Note 2: Margaret is 17 years older than her husband. This is unusual. It s quite possible that Margaret Brander is a widow. Nevertheless the fact is correct since we find Margaret living with her daughter Mary Brander Gatherer in the 1851 census in Speymouth where she gives her dob as 1781 and pob St Andrews-Lhanbryde. However, it could very easily be the other Margeret Brander noted in the birth record above.
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