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Johannes Ferdinand PALMER (1817 - 1892)
Soap boiler and chemist
Jenny GIVELS Paul PALMER Reinher Gottfried PALMER
Johannes Ferdinand PALMER
b. 1817
m. Jenny GIVELS
d. 18 Dec 1892 at Jerusalem aged 75
Events in Johannes Ferdinand PALMER (1817 - 1892)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1817 Johannes Ferdinand PALMER was born
28 Apr 1855 38 Birth of son Paul PALMER Jerusalem Nationality: Wurthembergisch 35
20 Jun 1860 43 Birth of son Reinher Gottfried PALMER Jerusalem Nationality: Wurthembergisch 35
1892 75 Johanne Ferdinand PALMER was buried Jersusalem Note 1 30
18 Dec 1892 75 Johannes Ferdinand PALMER died Jerusalem
Note 1: Pretestant Cemetry Mt. Zion, St. Georges Anglican Cathedral
Personal Notes:

About Schicks fellow in Jerusalem.

This is what I know about Ferdiand Palmer:

He was born in “Germany” 1817 – Schick was born 1822. They studied in Basel together and arrived in Jerusalem together.

Palmer is called “soap boiler and chemist” in an article.

In ITAC, Jerusalem Local Committes Minute Bok I, Nr 12, 1851 is written details about activities by its director Ferdinand Palmer. The school later bore the name “Bishop Gobat School” was build on the slope of Mt Zion near the south-western corner of the city wall. The building is outside the wall, close to the Protestant Cemetary, Zionsfridhof. Today the building serve as an American academic institution, Jerusalem University College.

His oldest son Paul Palmer became an Architect. Source

Palmer died 1892.
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