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Stephen LOWDELL (1689 - )
Elizabeth FRENCH Stephen LOWDELL George LOWDELL Thorold LOWDELL Mehetabel LOWDELL Rebecca LOWDELL
b. 24 Aug 1689 at Stroud, Kent, England
m. 1715 Elizabeth FRENCH (1694 - 1782) at St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England
Events in Stephen LOWDELL (1689 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
24 Aug 1689 Stephen LOWDELL was born Stroud, Kent, England
1715 26 Married Elizabeth FRENCH (aged 21) St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England 89
18 Apr 1715 25 Allegation of marriage to Elizabeth French Chatham, Kent 89
1717 28 Birth of son Stephen LOWDELL Chatham, Kent
1720 31 Birth of son George LOWDELL
1723 34 Birth of son Thorold LOWDELL
1724 35 Birth of daughter Mehetabel LOWDELL
19 Jan 1732 42 Birth of daughter Rebecca LOWDELL St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England 52, 109, 119
09 Sep 1772 83 Death of son Thorold LOWDELL (aged 49)
06 Jun 1782 92 Death of wife Elizabeth FRENCH (aged 88)
02 Jun 1799 109 Death of daughter Mehetabel LOWDELL (aged 75) Soithwark, Surrey, England
13 Jul 1805 115 Death of son George LOWDELL (aged 85) 49
18 Nov 1809 120 Death of son Stephen LOWDELL (aged 92) Southwark, London, England Note 1 109
1812 123 Death of daughter Rebecca LOWDELL (aged 80) St. Saviour, Southwark, Surrey, England
Note 1: Died Nov 18, 1810 at his house in Queen Street Southwark, in the 93rd year of his age,, STEPHEN LOWDELL, Esq. He was of the medical profession, and practised with reputation and success for near 50 years, in London and its vicinity. He was interred on Sunday the 20th, at Worship Street, by the Rev. J Evans, amidst a concourse of weeping attendants. He was a rationally pious and most benevolent man. Mr. Evans founded his funeral address on ACT VIII. 2. Devout men carried Stephen to his burial, and made great lamentation over him. A large part of his property is bequeathed for charitable purposes. In him were exemplified the three Christian graces, Faith, Hope, and Charity.
Source: The Monthly repository of theology and general literature

Address by John Evans inscribed to nephews George Lowdell of Bookham, Isaac Lowdell of East Grinstead, Joseph Lowdell of Lyndhurst, Delivered Sunday 26th November 1809 at Worship Street. Published version dated Islington Jan 21 1810. Implication that he never married and died without issue.

ADVERTISEMENT: ‘His was that combination of principle and practice which produces the active, the useful, the finished member of society.’
Born 1717 in Chatham into a General Baptist family. D Nov 18th 1809 in 93rd year . Family moved to Southwark where Stephen succeeded his father in the medical profession, with ‘skill attention and tenderness’ built up an ‘extensive practice.’ Continued for nearly 50 years to assuage the pain and relieve the maladies of his fellow creatures.’ P14-15, ‘Heaven prospered his labours’ and he enjoyed ‘a happy and useful retirement.’

First joined Mill Yard, Goodman’s Fields Church where baptised by Matthew Randall, who was at Goodman’s Fields from 1722 [coming from Chichester], moving church to Mill Yard in 1742 on termination of lease and there till death in 1756, having been ordained messenger in 1747. Lowdell then moved to the church of which Dr Joseph Jefferies was minister, i.e. Pinner’s Hall. Jefferies died 1783. At this Lowdell moved to the ministry of Daniel Noble at Goswell Street and then at Worship Street. P15 ‘and with us he continued to his death.’ To the end faithful to the doctrines of General Redemption and Adult Baptism. A good and pious man suave in disposition and correct in morals, Systematically benevolent, patron of Charity Schools, and in particular the non denominational Wood Street Charity School, also the Orphan School, City Road. And other charities. Treasurer of the General Baptist Fund for the relief of poor ministers, and also of the Messengers’ Fund. Member of committee formed to defend the Civil Rights of Dissenters serving on its committee which secured an extension of Dissenters religious liberties in 1779.. In all things acted with moderation. Helped Evans with the relief of individual cases. Deep sense of stewardship of his wealth. Serenity in the face of death. Lived in St Saviour’s Southwark and ‘was the Father of the parish and its oldest inhabitant. Constant and devout worshipper at Worship Street till within two sabbaths of his death.

Also part of a General Baptist delegation to the Anti-Slavery Society – mentioned in Clarkson, see my article. Whitley is wrong in saying he was a member of the Park Chapel in Southwark – a wrong assumption from his residence and practice addresses.

Source: John Briggs and Rev. Stephen Copson of Baptists Historical Society
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