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Sophy Mary Jane HORNSTEIN (1902 - )
Donald Charles WARREN Friedrich Wiliam Heinrich HORNSTEIN Sophie HORNSTEIN Moses HORNSTEIN Emma GÖSSNER
Sophy Mary Jane HORNSTEIN
Sophy Mary Jane HORNSTEIN
Sophy Mary Jane HORNSTEIN
b. 1902
m. 03 Jul 1926 Donald Charles WARREN (1901 - ) at Marseilles, France
Events in Sophy Mary Jane HORNSTEIN (1902 - )'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1902 Sophy Mary Jane HORNSTEIN was born
03 Jul 1926 24 Married Donald Charles WARREN (aged 25) Marseilles, France 204
09 May 1960 58 Death of father Friedrich Wiliam Heinrich HORNSTEIN (aged 80) Ealing, London, England 33
Personal Notes:
According to Peninah Hornstein, Sophy married Charles Hornstein, her cousin, although we do not have the date of their marriage. Charley Hornstein is the grandson of John Peter Hornstein who is Sophy's great Uncle. Charley is therefore Sophy's 2nd cousin.
Source References:
204. Type: Marriage Certificate, Abbr: Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage, Title: Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage
- Reference = KA 009301 (Marriage)