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Saif Himmat KHAN
Ahmed KHAN Taj KHAN Qavi (Mawali) KHAN
Saif Himmat KHAN
b. at Kaimganj, India
Children (1):
Ahmed KHAN
Grandchildren (5):
Alam Sher KHAN, Ahmed Shah KHAN, Ahmed Sher KHAN, Fateh Sher KHAN, Rahim BEGUM
Events in Saif Himmat KHAN's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Saif Himmat KHAN was born Kaimganj, India
Birth of son Ahmed KHAN Kaimganj, India
Source References:
31. Type: Other, Title: Descendants of Qavi Khan, Auth: Dr. Mohammed Said Khan, Locn: Diary held by Mohammed Salim Khan, Peshawar