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Qalander KHAN
Taj KHAN Qavi (Mawali) KHAN
Qalander KHAN
b. at Kaimganj, India
Events in Qalander KHAN's life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
Qalander KHAN was born Kaimganj, India
Personal Notes:
The Ruhela Chieftaincies, The 3rd battle of Panipat. Iqbal Hussain, AMU OUP 1994

abdali laid seige to Dig on 7 February 1760. While so engaged, he received reports of the Marhathas operating under the command of Malhar Rao in Mewat. The Shah retired from the Dig to confront Malhar Rao, but the latter avoided battle, crossed the Yumana and entered the Doab, causing alarm to the Ruhelas as their country lay defenceless and exposed. Malhar Rao plundered the treasure and supplies on the way to Ahmad Shah Abdali's camp and encamped at Sikandra. Highly provoked, Ahmad Shah Abdali dispatched Shah Pasand Khan, Qalandar Khan and Afzal Khan Ruhela and they, after a day and night march, took Malhar Rao completely unawares. In the confusion he fled with a handful of followers to Bharatpur, where he joined Janakoji and Imad-ul-Mulk. (T. Muz., vol. II, 80ab; T. Shakir Khani, 86ab; Zikr-i-Mur, p. 89. Siyar, p. 910, places this event after Malhar's defeat at Sikandra. Also see Khazana-i-Amira, p. 103; Miskin, 50a; Mir'at-i-Ahmadi, p. 586; Risula Shazada Pisar Ahmed Shah Durrani, 2.
Source References:
31. Type: Other, Title: Descendants of Qavi Khan, Auth: Dr. Mohammed Said Khan, Locn: Diary held by Mohammed Salim Khan, Peshawar