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Moses HORNSTEIN (1826 - 1885)
Owner of Mediterranian Hotel
b. 1826 at Odessa, South Russia
m. 1853 Emma GÖSSNER (1829 - 1918) at Smyrna, Turkey
d. 1885 at Jerusalem aged 59
Children (9):
John Peter HORNSTEIN (1853 - 1918)
Anna Maria HORNSTEIN (1858 - 1923)
Hannah HORNSTEIN (1859 - )
Sophie HORNSTEIN (1862 - 1919)
Thomas HORNSTEIN (1868 - )
Hermann HORNSTEIN (1873 - )
Grandchildren (15):
Amalie HORNSTEIN (1877 - ), Fritz HORNSTEIN (1880 - ), Rudolf Waldemar Hornstein-Palmer (1881 - 1944), Heinrich HORNSTEIN (1892 - ), Otto Ferdinand PALMER (1892 - ), Bertha Johanna PALMER (1893 - 1980), Amelia Sophia PALMER (1895 - ), Viktoria Hulda PALMER (1895 - 1899), Lina Helene PALMER (1896 - ), Arthur Reinhold PALMER, Jenny PALMER, Friedrich Wiliam Heinrich HORNSTEIN (1880 - 1960), Carl Eugen Friedrich PALMER (1884 - ), Emma Ulrike Constanze PALMER (1887 - 1948), William Thomas HORNSTEIN (1909 - )
Events in Moses HORNSTEIN (1826 - 1885)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1826 Moses HORNSTEIN was born Odessa, South Russia Nationality: Würthembergisch 35
1851 25 Conversion to Christianity Jerusalem Note 1
1853 27 Birth of son John Peter HORNSTEIN
1853 27 Married Emma GÖSSNER (aged 24) Smyrna, Turkey Note 2
10 Oct 1858 32 Birth of daughter Anna Maria HORNSTEIN Jerusalem Nationality: Wurthembegrisch 35
24 Aug 1859 33 Birth of daughter Hannah HORNSTEIN Jerusalem
12 Aug 1862 36 Birth of daughter Sophie HORNSTEIN Jerusalem Nationality: Wurthembergisch 35
1868 42 Birth of son Thomas HORNSTEIN Jersusalem
1870 44 Owner of Mediterranian Hotel Jerusalem
1873 47 Birth of son Hermann HORNSTEIN Jersusalem
1885 59 Moses HORNSTEIN died Jerusalem Nationality: Würthemburgisch 35
Note 1: Letter dated 13 June 1881 to the Chancellor of the Prussian Reich
Note 2: Letter dated 13 June 1881 to the Chancellor of the Prussian Reich
Personal Notes:
Another article relating to Moses Hornstein
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After passing through this gate you see before you an open space of irregular shape, bordered on the right by a low wall guarding the moat of the citadel, and on the left by a garden-wall and some small houses. The space varies from six to ten yards in width, and stretches about seventy yards before you on a level, when it begins to descend, and soon enters the narrow mouth of David Street. Along this descent on the left are two stores, kept on the European plan and supplied with European articles; and next to them is the Mediterranean Hotel, a two-story building of stone, with comfortable rooms and good accommodations. It is kept, and has been for many years, by a German named Hornstein. He was one of Dr. Barclay's converts while a missionary in Jerusalem.
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Description Source: Part VI. JERUSALEM: ITS STREETS, PUBLIC BUILDINGS, ETC. http://www.dabar.org/McGarvey/Lands/P2_C01.htm
Location Jerusalem

Moses Hornstein's masonic initiation
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The first recorded Masonic ceremony in the Holy Land was the Secret Monitor meeting held at King Solomon's Quarries, a cave deep under the old city of Jerusalem, in May of 1868. The event was organized by Robert Morris, an American Mason, Past Grand Master of Kentucky, who had come to the Middle East in search of Masonic antiquities to provide evidence for the ancient origins of our Craft. Morris did not find any such proof, but he did meet a few Masons then living in Jaffa and Jerusalem, and these, reinforced with the presence of some visiting British naval officers with Masonic credentials, were assembled by Morris and constituted the group which he grandly named "Reclamation Lodge of Jerusalem".

On Wednesday, May 13, after some preliminary meetings in the Hotel Mediterranean they walked down into the ground beneath the Old City of Jerusalem; the eternal cold of the cavern, the sepulchral silence and the darkness barely dispelled by the light of their candles, must have made a deep impression on them. Morris, filled with the importance of holding a Masonic meeting in the Holy City for the first time "since the departure of the Crusading hosts more than seven hundred years ago" opened the "Moot Lodge", a prayer was offered, appropriate remarks were expressed by Henry Petermann, the Prussian Consul at Jerusalem (member of the Royal York Lodge at Berlin), Captain Charles Warren (who was later the first Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge N° 2076) and Morris's secretary, David W. Thomson. Unfortunately, on the way back they became lost in the passages and chambers of the vast cave, and found the exit with difficulty, groping the walls while trying not to fall into the pits left by the quarriers.

The first candidate to petition the lodge – at its very first meeting - was Moses Hornstein, a Jew from Odessa who had apparently converted to Christianity. I'll have more to say about him later on. Anxious to increase their number, the lodge appointed a Committee of three and a meeting was held the next day (May 8) to ballot and initiate Hornstein. The following day (May 9) the new Brother was passed to Fellow Craft and one day later, on May 10, he was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason. At that same meeting the lodge officers were elected, and Hornstein was appointed Junior Deacon. (circa. 1870)

During the 1860's the Amzalak family home in Jerusalem was rented out: the ground level was used for shops, while the upper floors were taken by Moses Hornstein to establish the Mediterranean Hotel. This was the hotel where Robert Morris and his secretary stayed during their visit, it also was the hotel used by Charles Warren, the place where Morris organized the meetings to prepare that "Moot Lodge" ceremony in King Solomon's Quarries, and it was also the lodging of Mark Twain and his group when they visited Jerusalem in 1867. The building stands to this day and is still used as a hotel, under the new name of Petra Hotel.
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Description Source: MASONIC PAPERS by R.W.Bro. LEON ZELDIS JEWISH AND ARAB MASONS IN THE HOLY LAND http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/zeldis12.html
Location Jerusalem
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