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Charles Alexander HORNSTEIN (1870 - 1932)
Elise HELEN Mildred Helen JAMES Gilbert T Charles HORNSTEIN Kenneth Leslie HORNSTEIN Aaron HORNSTEIN Hornstein Jessie Lamb GATHERER John GATHERER Alexander GADDERER Elizabeth RUSSELL Mary MAVOR John MAVOR Janet LAMB
Charles Alexander HORNSTEIN
Charles Alexander HORNSTEIN Elise HELEN Mildred Helen JAMES
Elise HELEN Mildred Helen JAMES
b. 1870 at Jerusalem
m. (1) 1897 Elise HELEN (1869 - 1919) at Jerusalem
m. (2) 1922 Mildred Helen JAMES (1885 - ) at Jerusalem
d. 1932 at Jerusalem aged 62
Children (2):
Gilbert T Charles HORNSTEIN (1895 - 1896)
Kenneth Leslie HORNSTEIN (1901 - 1981)
Grandchildren (2):
, Donald Charles HORNSTEIN (1933 - 2005)
Events in Charles Alexander HORNSTEIN (1870 - 1932)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1870 Charles Alexander HORNSTEIN was born Jerusalem
19 Oct 1894 24 Death of mother Jessie Lamb GATHERER (aged 64) Jerusalem
1895 25 Birth of son Gilbert T Charles HORNSTEIN Jerusalem, Palestine
1896 26 Death of son Gilbert T Charles HORNSTEIN (aged 1) Jerusalem, Palestine
1897 27 Married Elise HELEN (aged 28) Jerusalem
22 Apr 1899 29 Death of father Aaron HORNSTEIN (aged 69) Jerusalem 30
1901 31 Birth of son Kenneth Leslie HORNSTEIN Jerusalem
24 Jun 1919 49 Death of wife Elise HELEN (aged 49) Jerusalem, Palestine 218
1922 52 Married Mildred Helen JAMES (aged 37) Jerusalem
23 Aug 1923 53 Arrived in UK on SS Amasapoora from Port Said in Egypt Southampton, England Note 1 57
24 Dec 1923 53 Baptism Jerusalem No. 362a, Folio 46
27 Sep 1928 58 Arrived in UK on Osterley from Port Said, Egypt Plymouth, Devon, England Note 2 57
1932 62 Charles Alexander HORNSTEIN died Jerusalem
Note 1: Address given was 16 Lincoln Inns Fields, London. Travelling with Mrs H Hornstein (aged 38) and Mr. K L Hornstein (aged 22, Govt. Official). Travelled 1st Class
Note 2: Address given was 74 Addison Road, Kensington. Travelling with Mrs MH Hornstein (Age 43). Travelled 3rd Class.
Personal Notes:
1. Appointment of C A Hornstein to the PEF
Added by tskhan on 13 May 2007

Letter to Mr. JD Grace from Mr Robert C M Macalister

. . . (3) As to Mr. Hornstein, I did not think of the possibility of any objection being brought forward by the London Jews Society to his working for the fund. It would be a pity if any obstacle is put by them, for I feel sure that he is the only English-speaking man in Jerusalem who satisfies all the requirements: and Mr. Dickson (with whom I consulted this morning in accordance with Sir Charles Wilson’s request) agrees with me. Mr. Hananer’s knowledge of Jerusalem is greater, but I don’t think he can either draw or photograph – (It is a great pity, by the way, that Mr. Hanamer cannot be encouraged to commit to paper his stories of local folklore and tradition: I know no one who has so wide a knowledge in that direction). If Mr. Hornstein be ruled out there will be no one except the two German architects, Sandel and Palmer: of whom Sandel is excluded as he knows no English and is moreover very busy professionally. If Sir Charles Wilson reports that Hornstein will not be allowed to serve, I will approach Palmer on the subject – there is really no one else. But both Mr. Dickson and I feel that Hornstein should be given the first chance.
Additional information about this story
Description: Letter which amongst other matters discusses the appointment of Mr. Hornstein to the Palestine Exploration Fund. Hornstein was then the Principal of LJS Mission school hence the reference to the London Jewish Society. PEF MAC/47/A
Date: 27 january 1902
Location: Grand New Hotel Jerusalem

2 Biography in "Beyond the River - Ottoman Transjordan in Original Photographs
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HORNSTEIN, Charles Alexander (active 1895 - 1920)

Charles Alexander Hornstein was a native of Jerusalem, the son of German-Jewish immigrants who converted to Christianity. The Hornsteins were among the foremost hoteliers in Jerusalem. Charles' uncle, Moses Hornstein, ran the famous Mediterranean Hotel, and from the 1870s, his father, Aaron, was the proprietor of the Hotel de l'Europe (also known as the Damascus Hotel). Both establishments courted British and American custom, and had strong connections with Thomas Cook & Son. The two hotels worked as a partnership, with the Hotel de l'Europe acting as an annex to the nearby Mediterranean when it reached capacity. The Mediterranean was the hotel of choice for, among others, PEF explorers, and so it is entirely plausible that the young Hornstein would have grown up very familiar with the exploits of the various expeditions that used the hotels as their base. Hornstein became Principal of the London Jews Society/Bishop Gobat's School, and photographer for the Anglican Church in Jerusalem from 1902 to 1920 (Gibson & Chapman 1995: 93 - 105). He gave 23 photographs (gelatine prints) from his trip to Transjordan to the PEF in 1896. A selection of these was published, with an accompanying article, in the April 1898 edition of the Quarterly Statement.

Hornstein's photographs of Transjordan indicate his broad interests. Not only was he concerned with recording the architectural and archaeological heritage of the country, but also its people, and their way of life. He was not unique in this. Many photographers, including some of those employed by the PEF and other expeditions, were as concerned with 'manners and customs' as with the buildings and landscape, but very few seem to have translated this to the people of Transjordan. As well as being invaluable from his perspective, Hornstein's photographs are often of a very high technicall and aesthetic standard. He developed a strong sense of composition, which he often used to dramatic effect.
Additional information about this story
Description Biography in "Beyond the River - Ottoman Transjordan in Original Photographs" by Raouf Sa'd Abujaber and Felicity Cobbing.
Date 1895 - 1920
Location Biography in a book

3. Jerusalem: Caught in Tiime contains a photographer biography of Charles Alexander Hornstein as follows:

"Hornstein was born in Jerusalem of Christian parents. His father Aaron was a Jewish convert and was probably, like his brother Moses, born in Germany. In the 1870s they were both hotel owners. Aaron owned the Damascus and Moses the better-quality Mediterranean. Charle's mother was Jessie Gatherer, the Scottish nursery governess of Mr and Mrs Finn, the British Consul and his wife.
"Hornstein was educated at the Jerusalem Boys School, otherwise called the LJS Mission School and formerly called Bishop Gobat's School. The headmaster then was was G. Robinson Lees – a noted photographer. At the age of 15 Hornstein was appointed assistant teacher at the school. He eventually became headmaster, from which time his life seems to have been very quiet except during World War I when he had to teach under appalling conditions. He appears to have married in 1897 and had a son and a daughter.
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