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Charles CREWS (1789 - 1864)
Mary BRANSCOMBE Ann Branscombe CREWS Mary Elizabeth CREWS Jane CREWS Samuel CREWS Wiiliam CREWS Frances CREWS Ellen CREWS
Charles CREWS
b. 1789 at Newton Abbott, Devon, England
m. 25 Oct 1810 Mary BRANSCOMBE (1786 - 1875) at Highweek, Devon, England
d. 1864 at Islington, London, England aged 75
Children (7):
Ann Branscombe CREWS (1812 - 1909)
Mary Elizabeth CREWS (1820 - 1907)
Jane CREWS (1822 - )
Samuel CREWS (1826 - 1904)
Wiiliam CREWS (1829 - )
Frances CREWS (1834 - )
Ellen CREWS (1839 - )
Grandchildren (5):
Harold Whitfield WILLIAMS (1863 - 1946), Ellen Catherine Howett ROBJOHNS (1874 - 1936), Edith Mary E. ROBJOHNS (1875 - ), Sydney Hollis Howett ROBJOHNS (1878 - 1954), Ethel Maud ROBJOHNS (1880 - 1957)
Events in Charles CREWS (1789 - 1864)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
1789 Charles CREWS was born Newton Abbott, Devon, England
25 Oct 1810 21 Married Mary BRANSCOMBE (aged 24) Highweek, Devon, England 122
1812 23 Birth of daughter Ann Branscombe CREWS Newton Abbott, Devon, England
21 Apr 1820 31 Birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth CREWS Newton Abbott, Devon, England 119
16 Aug 1822 33 Birth of daughter Jane CREWS Newton Abbott, Devon, England 117, 119
1826 37 Birth of son Samuel CREWS Newton Abbott, Devon, England
1829 40 Birth of son Wiiliam CREWS
1834 45 Birth of daughter Frances CREWS
1839 50 Birth of daughter Ellen CREWS Newton Abbott, Devon, England 4, 15
1841 52 Schoolmaster Woolborough, Devon, England 15
14 Oct 1851 62 Imprisonment Devon, England Note 1 82
1861 72 Residence Marylebone, London, England Note 2 13
1864 75 Charles CREWS died Islington, London, England 36, 73
Note 1: Assaulting a police constable - 15 months
Charles Crews of Tormoham in and upon George White in execution of his Duty did make an assault. 4 Sept. Thursday.

George White: Policeman Torquay 4 Sept. was going to summon a man called Macqueen. Had information of a Robbery of Irish has discription I went after Rendall & met Pris I saw Rendall and took him in custody. I after went Crews house I saw Crews after & told him he was accused he said he had not been home I told him Mrs Ward said he had I asked him if he would go with me he said yes. The Pris knows me well. He said I was a bb Liar & so was Mrs W. He offered me the key of his house to search & he went with me he asked Mrs Ward if he had been home she said yes I told Mr White so 10 minutes ago he again offered key I refused some one opened door I went in. Crews took hold me said you B B. where's your warrant & kicked me 2 or 3 times & tried shut the door I asked him to let me go. He would not I took out my staff & said if you do not let me go I will knock your brains out. I took out staff he went on kicking me I pulled him out of house & Shaply came Pris took hold of staff & kept on kicking. Pris said Im a Police man Ill blood the B B before Im done with him I gave staff to Shaply. Pris had heavy boots with scute. Am still under medical treatment.
X: no charge has been gone into before Magistrate. He pulled a basket from under table. I had not searched any thing I do not think I had taken my hands out of my pocketts before he attacked me he said nothing about a ?congar being in the baskett it appeared to contain rags. I did not take out my staff till after struggle began. I did not sware. The Pris did not take hold of staff to stop me from hitting then he let go the door & I put the staff into my pocket it was before this he had begun to kick. We did not go back I & Shaply & searched the house by Prisoner wish but found no fish.

Elizabeth Slobridge: saw Randell & Crews at him and Sampson with some fish. Saw a man take out two fish. He went up towards where Crews was at work they had been working together.

John Shaply: assistant overseer heard noise saw White & Pris struggling in doorway of Pris house White desired Crews to let him go after they were out. Pris began to kick him I told to go quietly White had mace in hand Crews had hold of it. White was bleeding from kicks I saw kicks. Pris said to White you're Policeman & I am your master & he challenged him to fight. The kicking went on for 10 minutes

X: they were found in doorway when I first saw them.

Ann Edaworthy: 4 Sept. saw Rendall & Crews together Crews went into his front door.he had a handkerchief. 3 & 4 throw up in Rendalls cart. 10 minutes after saw Crews & White go in and come out struggling saw Crews kick him saw blood

W Rowe Jolly: 4 Sept called to White from wound in leg. The main vein was wounded.

George Sampson: lost 2 fish maid told me she saw a man take them out White came in I told him I had lost 2 fish he asked if I knew who took them I said I did not but the maid did while he was speaking to the maid. I went with White to Pris they went in. Pris gave White was going to begin to search the house White took something out of a basket about 15 fishes I could not see my particular the Pris said he should not search without a warrant Pris caught White by collar they had a struggle got out side the door White drew his mace & said he would not interrupted in his duty it was outside the hour. I did not hear what he said cant say if violently Pris kicked him very violently. I did not see him kicked before. I considered that Crews was pushing him out. When White was going out that either Crews or the other man that took the Fish. Guilty 15 months

Source: GENUKI Fulford Court Case Notes MichaelMas 1851
(Dead proud of him)
Note 2: 8 Henry Street, living with daughter Frances Crews and garndchildren James & Edwin crews
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