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Alexander GADDERER (1720 - 1785)
Alexander GADDERER
Alexander GADDERER Jean SMITH += Alexander GADDERER
Alexander GADDERER Jean SMITH Alexander GADDERER
b. 26 Feb 1720 at Elgin, Moray, Scotland
m. 1760 Jean SMITH (1730 - )
d. 11 Feb 1785 at Elgin Moray, Scotland aged 64
Children (7):
Alexander GADDERER (1761 - 1817)
Margaret GATHERER (1763 - 1834)
Elspet GATHERER (1765 - 1847)
George GATHERER (1767 - 1832)
Robert GATHERER (1769 - )
Anna GADDERER (1771 - )
Jean GATHERER (1773 - )
Grandchildren (11):
Elspeth GATHERER (1790 - ), Isabel GATHERER (1792 - 1874), Jean GATHERER (1793 - ), Alexander GATHERER (1794 - 1827), John GATHERER (1797 - 1868), James GATHERER (1799 - 1871), James GATHERER (1797 - 1850), Alexander GATHERER (1800 - 1818), Isabel GATHERER (1803 - ), George GATHERER (1806 - 1884), William GATHERER (1809 - 1873)
Events in Alexander GADDERER (1720 - 1785)'s life
Date Age Event Place Notes Src
26 Feb 1720 Alexander GADDERER was born Elgin, Moray, Scotland Note 1 40
1760 40 Married Jean SMITH (aged 30)
22 Apr 1761 41 Birth of son Alexander GADDERER Elgin, Moray, Scotland Note 2 40, 126
1763 43 Birth of daughter Margaret GATHERER Elgin, Moray
1765 45 Birth of daughter Elspet GATHERER Elgin, Moray
1767 47 Birth of son George GATHERER Elgin, Moray, Scotland 208
12 May 1769 49 Birth of son Robert GATHERER Elgin, Moray, Scotland 126
13 Jan 1771 50 Birth of daughter Anna GADDERER Elgin, Moray, Scotland 40
03 Jan 1773 52 Birth of daughter Jean GATHERER Elgin, Moray 40, 41
12 Jan 1777 56 Death of father John GADDERER Elgin Moray, Scotland 208
11 Feb 1785 64 Alexander GADDERER died Elgin Moray, Scotland 208
Note 1: John Gadderer in Elgin and Janet Russell his spous had a child baptised called Alexander. Alexander Young Alexander Leslie Alexander Smith janet Russell Isoble ------ wits
Note 2: It is interesting to note that at the Christening Alex Gatherer is a witness. If this is not the same as his father than it means that they have another related Alexander Gatherer possibly a cousin of Alex Gatherer (1720-1785).
I have not been able to find a record of Alexander's Gatherer marriage to Jean Smith which may have shown their age at the time of marriage. There is only birth record for Alexander Gadderar where his date of Christening is shown as 26 February 1720. (ScotsOrigin) This seems a bit too early as he would be 41 at the birth of his first son. The records show that his parents were John Gaderer and Janet Russell. The name Russell crops up later with respect to Elizabeth Russell (1759 - 1857) married to Alexander Gatherer (b.1761), Alexander Gadderar's son.

Interestingly John Gaderrer and Jannet Russel were married on 4 March 1707 in Elgin, Moray. Alesander Gadderer was born 13 years later in 1720 which means that there must be other brother and sisters.

Having said that I am not even sure that these are the parents of Alex. Gatherer b.1761. I am going on the basis that of the three records that came out in the search, this was the only one from Elgin, Moray. The Parish marriage record of Alex and Elizabeth Russell does not mention the parents.

Another interesting point to note is that the birth record of Alex Gatherer (1761-1817) shows that his father is from Thornshill. Eliz. Russell's birth record shows that John Russell is a farmer in Blackhills. These two farms were next to each other just over 6 miles South of Elgin. Thornhill has long disappeared and Blackhills is now a holiday resort. In the old maps they were next to each other (see picture of map bottom right half). This leads me to believe, although not conclusively, that we have the right parentage for Alex. Gadderer (1761-1817). They don't seem to have left a Will that I can find in the Scottish Records Office archives which suggests that they may have been crofters and John Russell may very well have lived in teh house that is now a resort at Blackhills.
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