My sincerest thanks to all of you for contributing to my family history.

There are still lots of gaps and errors which should correct with time. I shall appreciate very much if you would please contact me with any corrections and new information.

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Other Transcribed Documents

This page contains links to transcription of other interesting manuscript documents that I have come across during my research. These provide an additional interesting insight into the life of a family member.

Hornstein, John Gatherer Naturalization Certificate 1886.pdf

Lowdell, Joseph Coventry and Langridge, Sarah.pdf, Marriage Licence issued 11 August 1781

Grantham, Douglas - Commerce accident.pdf, published in Northern Mariner in 1998 regarding his sad demise.

Hornsteins buried in the Jerusalem cemetery.html at Protestant Cemetery , Mt. Zion, Jerusalem.

Mawali Khan - an uncompleted biography.pdf of Mawali Khan with references to Nawab Rashid Mian

Palmer, Paul Ferdinand - Reminiscenses of my life, February 1933 pdf