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My sincerest thanks to all of you for contributing to my family history.

There are still lots of gaps and errors which should correct with time. I shall appreciate very much if you would please contact me with any corrections and new information.

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Transcribed Wills

Wills are an excellent source of information for a family history researcher. In addition to giving us a glimpse into the wealth of our ancestors, and if you are unlucky like me wondering “where has it all gone?”, it typically contains the names of immediate family and sometimes friends and other relatives

As anyone who tries to transcribe Wills knows that transcribing an old digitised hand written document is no mean feat.  It takes time and experience, both of which I hate to admit, are in short supply.

Brightridge, John 1668.pdf my 9th Great Grandfather, drawn 13 August 1668 and proved on 18 November 1668

Langridge, Thomas.pdf my 5th Great Grandfather, drawn 14 January 1783 and proved on 9 October 1785

Lowdell, George.pdf my 5th Great Grandfather, drawn 17 September 1801 and proved on 3 July 1805

Lowdell, Isaac.pdf my 5th Great Uncle, drawn 18 March 1831 and proved on 18 July 1831

Lowdell, Joseph Coventry.pdf my 4th Great Grandfather, drawn 20 May 1825 and proved on 27 October 1825

Lowdell, Joseph.pdf my 4th Great Uncle, drawn 18 June 1833 and proved 29 July 1834

Ticehurst, John.pdf my 10th Great Grandfather, drawn 19 March 1644 and proved on 24 February 1647

Ticehurst, Thomas.pdf my 10 Great Uncle, drawn 27 October 1657 and proved on 19 November 1657

Tutt, John.pdf my 6th Great Uncle, drawn 15 May 1792 and proved on 6 September 1792

Rebecca Weston (nee Lowdell) 1810.pdf my 6th Great Aunt, drawn 19 January 1810 and proved 26 March 1812